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The 1st Microbiome Movement – Oncology Response Summit is the only meeting dedicated to harnessing and translating the microbiome to improve identification of patient responders, optimize cancer therapeutic strategies and ultimately enhance clinical outcomes.


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Cancer drug development pipelines are driven forward by our well-established mechanistic knowledge of the hallmarks of cancer. However, challenges remain in pinpointing the impact of microbial dysbiosis in cancer therapeutic efficacy and safety, as well as its role in carcinogenesis. Additionally, there are shortfalls in understanding how the microbiome can be applied as a validated biomarker, monotherapy or adjuvant to enhance clinical outcomes for cancer patients in need.

Join large pharma, biotech companies, research institutes and technology experts in microbiome-oncology research as they discuss the latest data-driven case studies. Forge the collaborations you need to maximize the potential of the microbiome as the next frontier that optimizes cancer therapeutic strategies for improved safety and efficacy.

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