Welcome To Microbiome Movement – Oncology Response Summit

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Our increased understanding of the mechanisms of action driving the hallmarks of cancer has facilitated continued evolution of the cancer therapeutic landscape with novel targets and treatments being discovered. More recently, however, a wealth of scientific evidence has demonstrated the impact of the gut microbiome in modulating patient response and resistance to existing cancer treatments. Additionally, findings have revealed causal and consequential roles of the microbiome in cancer pathogenesis and progression.

This summit was established to improve understanding on how to translate microbiome-oncology research from discovery settings and from retrospective clinical investigations into the routine oncology practice. Key topics in 2019 included:


  • Discovering the mechanistic pathways underpinning the causality of the microbiome in cancer and consequential effects of cancer therapeutics on microbial dysbiosis
  • Understanding how –omics data are being integrating to inform cancer clinical decision making
  • Investigating translational applications of the microbiome in cancer 1) to improve clinical safety outcomes, 2) as a validated biomarker to predict patient response and 3) as an LBP monotherapy or adjuvant to enhance therapeutic efficacy (particularly in the context of immunotherapy)
  • Exploring the nutritional interventions for cancer treatment and prevention
  • Harnessing clinical experience to establish gold standards for cancer clinical trials incorporating the microbiome as a measurable endpoint
  • Uncovering how to integrate the microbiome into existing oncology medical practice and drug development infrastructures